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MCreation Ltd is making impact on the evolving frontier of a virtual World 

Beyond Websites will take care of all your IT needs, provide consultation services, and develop personalized software/Apps and websites

We Offer a wide range of ICT services. Our solutions are cutting edge, and we focus on delivering the high value and catering our customer needs. The highest level of customer service is our priority. 

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Computer repair, upgade & Updates

We do hardware and software diagnosis and repairs. We replace broken laptop screens. Upgrade Memory and Hard drive. Software upgrade and computer everyday issues.

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Make a website for your BUsiness

Let us create a fully functional E-commerce website for you. Features included chart and check out with the ability to pay by paypal and all major credit cards.

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Ict & Hardware consultation

We do hardware and software diagnosis and repairs. We replace broken laptop screens.

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Custom software or app

How about getting a custom software and/or for your business that is made specially for your specific products and services offered.

E-commerce made easy

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We offer premium quality

We use premium designs for our website, fully customized to the customers’ liking. We offer premium shared hosting for a fraction on the price. Website ready for Business (E-commerce) capable of accepting all major credit cards and also Paypal. Fully automated inventory, stock and price management. 

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Meet our happy clients


Listed as a client but Mark was more like a big brother and mentor as it relates to website development. I learn alot while working along with him to develop “academicjournies.com”.

Mark Scott

Gold Mynd Music was our first customer that hired Mynd Creation to make a E-commerce Store. We took Mynd from a basic idea to checkout page with cart and credit card payment. Site even sends email alerts when stock is low. 

Gold Mynd music
Meet our happy clients

Automotive paint repair booking store under development. 

Christopher Parkison

Blair Sportswear has now launched an E-commerce store that serves the students of OKM. This store has all the features of Fashion Nova and more. We brought their ultimate vison to reality.

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